Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why do you need my credit card if it's a trial?

To activate your 14-day trial you'll need to enter a credit card number to secure the account and help verify your identity. If you cancel within the first 14 days, your credit card will not be billed. If you're like our thousands of satisfied customers, and you love the peace of mind Suze Orman's Identity Protector gives you, then we'll bill your credit card at the end of the 14 days.

2) Will Suze Orman's Identity Protector protect me from credit card fraud?

We will continually scan millions of database records and black market areas of the Internet to help detect if your information is being bought or sold by identity thieves. If we do detect that your information has been compromised, we'll contact you immediately and help you stop any fraud and secure your identity. If your card has been used for fraudulent purchases, your bank or lender will typically not hold you responsible for those unauthorized purchases.

3) How do I know my Social Security number is safe with you?

We know that protecting your personal information is a huge concern these days. We are 100% committed to keeping your information safe - all of your information will be encrypted and protected by strict, industry-recognized safeguards. Our security standards are regularly audited by independent third parties, and have been certified by VeriSign, Trust-E, Hacker Safe and the Better Business Bureau. And remember, the minute you enroll, you're protected by our $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance.

4) How does Suze Orman's Identity Protector differ from the protection my bank offers?

Your bank typically provides only a subset of the services that Suze Orman's Identity Protector delivers - just credit report and monitoring. Suze Orman's Identity Protector delivers those services plus over a dozen identity theft protections to help prevent identity theft in the first place - like credit card and SSN monitoring, medical benefit protection, protection for your computer and email, and lots more. You get all these features as well as instant online access to your credit report and daily monitoring for the same price as what your bank charges you for just a report and monitoring.

5) Can I place these protections myself?

It's true there are some things you can do on your own - if you want to send sensitive documents by certified mail, do hours of follow-up paperwork, and keep detailed records and receipts. There are also things you cannot do, such as daily monitoring of your credit reports to be alerted of any changes and scanning of black market chat sites where thieves buy and sell stolen information. The reason thousands of satisfied customers have chosen Suze Orman's Identity Protector is because we provide the most comprehensive set of services you need to proactively protect you and your family from becoming victims of identity theft. And don't forget, our $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance will cover most out of pocket expenses in the unlikely event that you do become a victim of identity theft while a member - that's a level of peace of mind you can't get on your own.

6) Are my business credit cards protected with Suze Orman's Identity Protector?

If your business is under your name or, if you have a Family plan, your spouse's name and social security number, then, yes, your business credit cards will be scanned for fraudulent activity or identity theft by Suze Orman's Identity Protector.

7) Are my department store credit cards protected with Suze Orman's Identity Protector?

Generally, if someone steals your department store credit cards and uses them for fraud, your lenders will not hold you responsible for the unauthorized charges, as long as you report it promptly. We do scan for compromised private information, including all your major credit card information, to ensure no one is selling that information over the web - so if your store card has a Visa or MasterCard logo on it, for example, we will help you protect that card.

8) What happens if my identity is stolen while enrolled in Suze Orman's Identity Protector?

In the unlikely event that your identity is compromised while you're with us, call us immediately and an identity protection specialist will guide you through the steps to restore your identity. Obviously there are things we can't do on your behalf, like showing up in court. However, we will manage everything else and be there to help you every step of the way. And our $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance will cover most out-of-pocket costs associated with restoring your identity. Some of the items covered under the Service Warranty are attorney fees, lost wages, costs associated with repairing your credit, up to $1,000,000.

9) Why don't you send anything through the mail?

Suze Orman's Identity Protector is a green (paperless) company and environmentally friendly, which is why we send all correspondence via email.

10) Will your rates ever go up?

If you enroll today with an annual subscription, your rate is locked in for the entire year. As we expand our features and benefits to give you the most up-to-date protection on the market, we will evaluate our rates and notify you of any changes.

11) Why is it important to review my credit report?

Reviewing your credit reports is one of the first steps to protecting your identity and you should review them for inaccuracies. Often people become victims of identity theft and don't realize it until they review their credit reports and learn about fraudulent accounts and loans. If you do find any inaccuracies, our Protection Specialists will help you correct your reports and put a stop to any fraudulent activity.

12) Will Suze Orman's Identity Protector help fix errors on my credit report?

If there are any discrepancies on your credit report, you may contact our Protection Specialists and they will advise you on the best way to handle any errors.

13) How do credit bureaus get my information?

Credit bureaus have relationships with most of the banks, credit card companies, and lenders in the United States. Any time you are late on a payment, apply for or open a new line of credit, or have other significant activity with a lender, they will report it to one or more bureaus. The bureaus also have relationships with information gatherers that collect information from courts and municipalities, such as bankruptcy or lien information. The bureaus store all the information about you for the last 7 years under your name - that's known as your credit report.

14) If I only have credit monitoring in place and not my fraud alerts will that still prevent someone from opening a line of credit?

No, this will not prevent a line of credit from being opened. Credit monitoring will alert you if there are any changes in your credit history such as any new lines of credit, but a fraud alert must be set if you want to help prevent unauthorized lines of credit from being opened. Having a fraud alert in place means that, before opening a line of credit, any new lender is required to verify your identity.

15) How does Suze Orman's Identity Protector protect my identity?

At Suze Orman's Identity Protector, our mission is to protect your identity, your credit, and your good name - so you don't have to worry. Our comprehensive identity protection stops identity theft before it happens - for both you (and your family). To protect you we:

  • Provide you with your 3-bureau credit reports and daily monitoring
  • Help you place fraud alerts so that credit companies must confirm your identity in order to open new accounts in your name.
  • Scan black market Internet areas where social security numbers and other information are bought and sold.
  • Monitor your medical benefits to be sure you're the only one getting treatment under your policy.
  • Provide lost wallet protection - whether you're at home or away, just call us if you lose your wallet and we will cancel all of your accounts and order new cards immediately.
  • Help you get rid of spyware and avoid clicking on emails that allows thieves to get passwords and other valuable information when you're on the computer.
  • Check your children's credit reports as well as your own.
  • Provide Protection Specialists available to answer questions and provide any identity protection assistance you need - we're with you every step of the way.

16) What are the benefits of Suze Orman's Identity Protector service?

With Suze Orman's Identity Protector you get peace of mind knowing that your identity is safeguarded by the most comprehensive protection available for all aspects of your identity - financial, medical, credit, and online. Our comprehensive set of features goes well beyond what you could do on your own and what is offered by other services. You'll know that your personal information and credit have the best protection available, and we'll take the hassle out of the process by automating every step and keeping all the details of your protection in a secure, online portal that you can access at any time.

17) What is black market Internet scanning and how does it protect me?

We regularly patrol black market areas of the Internet where identity thieves buy and sell personal information including your name and address, credit card, Social Security, and bank account numbers. If we discover that your information has been compromised, you'll be alerted immediately and our Protection Specialists will set to work making sure your identity is secure.