Identity Threat Score™
Without question, identity theft is evolving from paper and public places to online transactions and networking spaces. Identity thieves are now using combinations of your personal information to piece together your identity—and then use it for their benefit.

Only TrustedID offers you your Identity Threat Score - a personal measure of your risk of identity theft. This score gives you an easy-to-understand way to gauge your risk, as well as helps ensure that you remain as aware and in control of your personal information as possible.

Our Identity Monitoring directly determines your Identity Threat Score. When you scan for your personal information, you’ll discover what information is publicly available about you. Your score will be based on these monitoring results.

How we determine your score...
  • Your personalized Identity Threat Score gauges your risk (low, moderate or high) for identity theft by taking into consideration the type, amount and source of your publicly available personal information.
  • We search through millions of records to locate specific combinations of your personal information that piece together your identity. Once we've gathered the data from these sources, we analyze patterns and occurrences of specific combinations of your information that could indicate you’re at a higher risk of identity thieves piecing your information together and using your identity for their own gain.
  • If we find information indicating your identity is at risk, we'll share the frequency and source, and we'll recommend the best set of actions to take to help keep your identity safe.
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