Employee Benefits Program

Identity theft affects over 15 million people each year - or nearly 1 in 15 adults. The magnitude of the problem means that identity theft is a real and ongoing problem for employees across the country. Identity theft can take hundreds of hours to resolve - stealing productive hours from your employees, since the work of recovery must often be done during the business day.

By offering identity theft protection services as an employee benefit, your company can reduce the risk of employees becoming victims of identity theft and allow TrustedID to manage the restoration process in the event of a stolen identity. Furthermore, your protection program will let employees know you're looking after their well being, improving company morale, retention and performance.

The Product

TrustedID offers IDAssure, the market-leading identity protection service, as an employee benefit. With over 15 elements of protection, IDAssure gives employees the most comprehensive identity protection available today. The service is available in both monthly and annual payment plans, and also includes a family program that protects an entire household.

The Program

TrustedID can configure the employee benefit so that the subscription fees are paid by your company or your employees. Registration for TrustedID's products can take place via the Internet, by phone, or through a data transfer from your company directly.

The Pricing

TrustedID offers special employee benefits pricing, making protection for your entire organization affordable, whether paid for by employees or the company.

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Employee Benefits Program includes:
  • Complete IDAssure protection for employees
  • Benefits rollout support, including materials & detailed promotion plan
  • Dedicated account management from TrustedID experts
  • Website customization for your company's employees
  • Customer service with dedicated email and toll-free numbers uniquely for your company