Frequently Asked Questions

A valuable resource you can consult for information regarding identity theft is

If you enrolled in IDnotify, your credit monitoring service transitioned from TrustedID Premier to IDnotify, and you will be given a minimum of two years of total coverage.

No, your Equifax credit report will be unlocked when your TrustedID Premier subscription expires. Also, if you enroll in the Experian IDnotify product, your TrustedID Premier product will cancel and your Equifax credit report will be unlocked.

If you have another Equifax product with Equifax Credit Lock, we recommend that you sign into that product and lock your Equifax credit report.

If you wish to restrict access to your Equifax credit report, you can place a free security freeze or sign up for our complimentary product Lock & Alert.

If your Equifax credit report is frozen and not locked, the security freeze will stay in place.

While Equifax committed to providing TrustedID Premier free for one year to everyone in the United States, we extended the additional credit monitoring service through Experian for those TrustedID Premier subscribers whose information was impacted by the cybersecurity incident.

Email Equifax Customer Care anytime at or call us at 888.548.7878, 8:00 AM – Midnight EST, 7 days a week.