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Key Features & Benefits

UNLIMITED Black Market Internet Scanning

TrustedID stops thieves from taking out new loans or credit in your name by scanning the internet for unauthorized use of your information.

Medical Benefits Monitoring

TrustedID helps you monitor your medical benefits to be sure you and your family are the only ones getting treatment under your policy.

New! Identity Threat Score

TrustedID delivers a personalized Identity Threat Score, an easy way to gauge your risk for identity theft by monitoring information in public and private databases not included in your credit report.

Family Identity Protection

TrustedID will protect everyone in your household - spouses, children, and seniors - with one easy signup and for one low price.

Lost Wallet Protection

In case your wallet is lost or stolen, TrustedID will help you cancel all of your accounts and get replacements sent to you immediately.

Fraud Alerts

TrustedID gives you the option to place fraud alerts on your credit reports if your identity is at risk so lenders contact you before new credit is issued in your name.

Protection Specialists

When you need help, our live Protection Specialists are ready to help you every step of the way. No waiting on hold, no canned advice, just a caring, trained professional who'll take the time to make sure that your identity is secure and that you have the peace of mind you deserve.

$1,000,000 Warranty

TrustedID backs up our protection with a $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance* so you don't have to worry.
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Identity Thief Stopped Cold by TrustedID
  Thank goodness I signed up for TrustedID when I did. A few days after getting protected, someone else tried to open a credit card in my name, but thanks to TrustedID I was able to stop the thief. You never know when this crime is going to happen to you. Thank you so much TrustedID for watching my back.  

- Vanessa B., TrustedID Customer

Why do I need an Identity Theft Service?
Am I really at risk?
Yes. More than 15 million people become victims of identity theft every year, and over 200 million identities were breached in 2007. An identity is stolen every two seconds in the United States - it's been the fastest growing crime in the U.S. for the past four years. But with TrustedID, you can protect your and your family's identity so you don't become a statistic.
Doesn't my bank protect me from identity theft?
Unfortunately, services like the credit monitoring offered by many banks and credit card companies only alert you after there is a problem - by the time you are alerted of suspicious activity, it's too late. Your account has already been compromised. TrustedID is different because we help stop identity theft before it happens.
Why do I need to know my Identity Threat Score?
The Identity Threat Score provides personal measure of your risk of identity theft. It is important to know your score because it will alert you if you are at a higher risk of identity theft and TrustedID's Protection Specialists will be able to walk you through the process of protecting yourself and staying safe. This score is updated every time we see activity so you will always be up-to-date in understanding your risk.
Isn't shredding enough?
Not anymore. As technology evolves and companies do business in new ways, there are ever-increasing opportunities for identity thieves to steal your identity and commit fraud. With TrustedID on your side, you can stay one step ahead.
Why do children and seniors need protection?
Children's identity theft is one of the fastest growing segments of fraud. Seniors are also at high risk for identity theft — they often have significant savings and may have trouble monitoring their accounts carefully. At TrustedID, we know it's not just your own identity at risk, it's also your loved ones—so we make it easy to protect all the members of your household.
Why do I need to protect my medical identity?
Medical identity theft is the newest and fastest-growing form of identity theft. Increasingly, thieves have started seeking treatment using another person's name and medical insurance information. This means that their treatments could be taken out of your benefits and even disqualify you from new health insurance. Most dangerous of all, if the thief's medical history is confused with yours, your own medical care could be jeopardized. TrustedID will help you monitor your medical benefits to be sure you're the only one getting treatment under your policy.