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January 2012
TrustedID Acquires to Deliver Industry-leading Reputation Management
TrustedID Expands Identity Protection to Reduce Risks from Social Media Services.

Palo Alto, CA - January 12, 2012 : TrustedID, a leading provider of credit and identity protection services, today announced the acquisition of, creator of one of the industry's most advanced reputation management and protection services.

The exponential growth in social media usage brings new risks to personal identity. The information individuals make available on the Internet is increasingly an essential part in forming the opinions used to make decisions and judgments. Over 90 percent of job recruiters, for example, use online information to help evaluate a potential candidate - highlighting the importance of online words and images for all consumers.

Reppler gives individuals control by continuously monitoring their online profiles, allowing them to manage reputation within social media services including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Reppler automatically flags content that might be considered inappropriate and analyzes online profiles to give users a better understanding of how others might perceive them. Reppler also alerts users of publicly-available personal information that should be made private and notifies users of malicious links they have in their profiles.

TrustedID's acquisition of Reppler expands TrustedID's protection in areas that pose some of the greatest reputation and identity risks for consumers. Reppler's capabilities complement TrustedID's award-winning identity safeguards, which include credit report and identity monitoring.

"People care deeply about what is being said about them online - and social media monitoring is a key part of protecting any identity," said Scott Mitic, CEO of TrustedID. TrustedID delivers the most robust suite of identity protections available to its customers. With the acquisition of Reppler, TrustedID will now provide a new tool to help protect individuals.

"Reputation management and identity protection go hand-in-hand," said Vlad Gorelik, CEO of "As part of TrustedID, Reppler's services will now reach a new and important base of customers - and significantly expand the protection they receive."

About TrustedID
TrustedID delivers privacy, security and reputation management services to proactively help protect against credit and identity theft - safeguarding individuals, families and businesses. Awarded Best-In-Class by Javelin Research, TrustedID services provide a comprehensive suite of protections including access to our protection team and $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance. TrustedID's IDSafe™ is the first-ever free credit and identity theft protection service, delivering key safeguards to consumers. TrustedID's service offers consumers a new layer of privacy protection on services such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. TrustedID's Reppler. service helps individuals understand and manage the risks to their reputations from using popular social media services. TrustedID's Data Breach Solutions group serves businesses of all sizes with immediate protection protection the identities of those directly affected.

TrustedID is a privately held company, with headquarters in Palo Alto, California. For more information about our products and services visit our website at

Media Contact:
Lyn Chitow Oakes
Chief Marketing Officer
TrustedID, Inc.

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