How do you help protect my identity?

From scanning black market sites for stolen information to monitoring your credit and assessing your risk of identity theft, TrustedID helps protect you. Combined with a $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance and 3-bureau credit monitoring, we give you key features to help safeguard your identity.

How does credit monitoring work?

Our 3-bureau credit monitoring will alert you when there are changes to your credit file. If you spot potential fraud, a live agent will help you identify the issue and help resolve it. Together with comprehensive identity theft protection, our vigilance gives you greater peace of mind.

Why should I choose TrustedID?

TrustedID offers you credit monitoring, access to your credit details, plus comprehensive and proactive identity protection - all for one low price. With a comprehensive family plan, we help protect hundreds of thousands of people with vigilance. Get started now.

Identity Threat Score

TrustedID scans millions of records in public and private databases to give you your Identity Threat Score - an easy-to-understand way to gauge your risk of identity theft.

Data Breach Program

TrustedID provides solutions for organizations of all sizes that have experienced a data breach. We specialize in quick response to help you effectively manage and minimize your risks.

$1 Million ID Theft Insurance

As part of our commitment to you, we back our service with a $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance to cover out-of-pocket expenses in the event identity theft happens.

Employee Benefits Program

TrustedID offers IDEssentials, the market-leading identity protection service, as an employee benefit. The service is available in both monthly and annual payment plans.

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